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    Studio Z is a full service recording studio, here are just some of the services we offer:

    Tracking -  Recording in our acoustically designed rooms utilizing our state of the art equipment 

    Production -  use Brad Zwieg's years of experience to help get the best sounds, performances and arrangements out of your music

    Overdubbing - adding, touching up or re-recording individual parts to your basic tracks you've already recorded

    Editing - using Pro Tools we can clean up, time adjust, pitch adjust and more to polish your tracks - though we recommend capturing the best performances first

    Mixing - balancing levels,  eq, compression, effects, automation, sound enhancements etc. to make the final mix sound its best 

    Mastering - the art of final eq, compression, level boost, song sequencing and flow, to make a musical, loud, clear master that sounds good on any playback system

    Pro Tools Mixing - bring in or upload your Pro Tools session to be professionally mixed and / or mastered

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